Abarth 500 595 695 anti-theft device

Sale of anti-theft systems for Abarth 500 595 695

Bullymachine offers mechanical anti-theft devices, perfectly designed to protect your Abarth 500, 595, 695 from possible theft. The systems we offer are excellent deterrents, built in stainless steel and designed to secure your much-loved car. The systems we offer safeguard possible engine starts using a second control unit and entering from the diagnostic/OBD socket. The control unit is wrapped in a stainless steel armor fixed with anti-theft screws, it can be mounted quickly but hours of work will be needed to remove it, the diagnostic / OBD socket instead with our anti-theft devices is inserted in a real safe with a non-reproducible key, in in this way it is possible to carry out updates and/or scans for any problems while keeping the socket safe from where it is possible to start the engine. Both solutions can be purchased separately or by saving money it is possible to purchase the complete kit, entering the products you will have the possibility to read all their characteristics and to see various images. The assembly can be carried out by any mechanic, coachbuilder, electrician or if you have a minimum of manual skills, even yourself. By purchasing these two products you will put a strain on the thief who will surely be displaced. Our kits are clearly deterrents, if the thief is equipped with a tow truck he will still succeed in his intent but surely this is rare and by mounting our kits you protect it from possible theft.

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