Buell XB9S Airbox Cover

Airbox cover for customizing the Buell XB9S

The Airbox covers for Buell are enormously important because they also act as a fake petrol tank and, being visible, they must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is why we have included a series of airbox covers (filter box) of various shapes, with air intakes to improve both the air flow to the throttle body and consequently improving carburetion and combustion and for the cooling of the engine itself and all its components. In the catalog we have Airboxes with central and lateral air intakes, which overlap the frame with real air vents but we also have original Buell style covers without air intakes for those who want to maintain the line of the standard motorbike and perhaps only change painting or to use as a replacement. We have included versions in fiberglass (resin glass) to be painted with a smooth gelcoat finish, or in carbon fiber already with transparent oven-baked paint resistant to UV rays, to satisfy every type of need or stylistic taste for customizing the motorbike. Although many years have passed since the closure of the Buell brand, we continue to offer new accessories. Thanks to our experience in the Buell sector, gained by working in it since the first release way back in 1997, we are able to answer all related questions, so for anything do not hesitate to contact us, our team will respond to all emails as quickly as possible .