XSR 700 carbon

Carbon Accessories for Yamaha XSR 700

Bullymachine produces and sells carbon fiber accessories for the Yamaha XSR 700, products for motorbike customization, made with the best carbon fiber on the market and the most advanced technologies. All the carbon fiber items produced by us are made of "pre-peg" carbon, i.e. pre-impregnated with resin, this type of carbon has qualities considerably superior to fabric carbon fibre, lightness, flexibility, sturdiness and better finishes, not there may be an excessive quantity of resin as for dry fabric which could have structural failures as well as weighing more and causing the product to yellow, pre-peg carbon fiber is currently the best solution for building carbon fiber parts , the production is much more complex but the advantages are evident. The pre-peg carbon fiber is dried in an autoclave and then painted with UV-resistant oven-baked clear paint. All the products that we build and offer for sale are shown making every feature known through a detailed description, technical data sheet, compatibility between models, price, availability and many images, to be transparent at 100 x 100, in this way the customer comes to knowledge of all its peculiarities before purchasing and will be able to choose the right item according to your stylistic tastes and needs in customizing your Yamaha XSR 700. For any questions you can contact us, the Bullymachine team will respond to all relevant emails as quickly as possible.