Buell S3

Sale of accessories of the best brands for Buell S3

The Buell S3 was a little-understood motorcycle for the time, a great pity because it was and remains a beautiful motorcycle with its own indisputable charm.

This bike was aBuell S1 designed for travel, not only for long journeys that perhaps there was better on the market in terms of comfort but it was also a motorcycle that could be used to go to work or trips out of town without necessarily having to make long journeys. It had the comfort compared to an S1 of having a more generous saddle, rigid bags and a windshield to protect from the wind with the same identical very bad engine of the S1, even the frame was very similar. Most of these bikes have in fact been transformed into S1 by modifying the frame in the rear area and replacing the saddle and tail, we also liked it in the touring version.

Even though many years have passed we continue to sell products for this bike and thanks to our e-commerce with an advanced structure, it will be quick and easy to scroll through the online catalog. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions