Buell XB9s air intake

Buell XB9s air intake for sale

The air intakes on Buell for two purposes, to cool the engine and bring fresh air into the airbox, in subsequent versions the duct that brought the air into the airbox was plugged and it remained exclusively for cooling the rear cylinder but still alone it is unable to cool well, in fact often, especially in summer, it is likely that the valve tappet or cylinder head gaskets will burn. By adding the right air intake there is a notable increase in the flow of fresh air to the rear clinometer and this benefits the reliability of the engine and also the performance, given that an engine that is too hot does not express its maximum, for this reason we offer the right air intake for all models and years of production of the Buell XB. We have created an air intake very similar to the original one both in terms of performance and aesthetics, this is offered in two variants, for the first Buell series and for the second series where the exhaust passes through, both however maintain the line of the original one left. Inside each product sheet of the air vents the compatibility of models and years is indicated so that you cannot make a mistake with the purchase, furthermore if the search filters of our eCommerce are used, they will skim the search for you showing only compatible products by year and model. For any information you can also contact us, having worked for many years on this type of motorcycle, we have acquired the knowledge to answer every related question.