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In this category you will find the specific air intakes for Buell The Buell twin-cylinder heats up a lot, this not only is to the detriment of ride comfort but above all it is to the detriment of the reliability of the engine and the smoothness of the ride. The saying of the dog chasing its tail... a vicious circle, as the engine warms up it is less reliable, it starts by breaking the tappet or head gasket of the rear cylinder, the temperature sensor and then breaking the engine itself, not only , the engine having higher temperatures, given the position of the aribox, the carburetion is also affected because the engine will breathe hotter air than it should. There are various types of air intakes on the market, we have selected only the best both in terms of structure and aesthetic design, our air intakes are only the most similar to the original left and we have them for various years of the bike and we also supply them as an option with spray paint that reproduces the roughness of the stock left air intake. Our air vents, like all the other products on our eCommerce, are presented with a detailed description, technical data sheet with compatibility between models, many images, prices, availability and/or production times.

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