BMW R12 NineT carbon

Carbon fiber accessories for BMW R12 NineT

The Bullymachine Team produces and sells carbon fiber accessories for many motorcycles using the best type of carbon on the market and using the best technologies to offer products not only with a unique and spectacular design, but also a quality above the quality standards. We produce motorcycle accessories in pre-peg carbon fiber or carbon fiber with pre-impregnated resin. How much type of fiber must be processed with an autoclave and vacuum as well as being stored in refrigerators? It undoubtedly requires more laborious preparation but the quality is undoubtedly better in all characteristics than "dry" carbon fiber. Structurally more resistant, they allow greater loads, more rigidity and at the same time more flexibility, greater durability over time both to atmospheric agents and to vibrations or stresses, better aesthetic finish, greater weight saving, these are just some of the qualities of pre-peg carbon . In this category we offer accessories for BMW R12 and universal accounting accessories, we also constantly work to design and insert new accessories to satisfy even the most demanding customer. For any information you can also contact us, we always respond to all emails as quickly as possible.