Bonneville T120 air filter

Sale Air filter for Triumph Bonneville T120

We offer multiple types of air filters dedicated to the Triumph Bonneville T120 so that each customer can choose the filter model that best suits their case and needs. We offer the replacement air filter, useful for those who have to service their motorbike and want to leave everything as the motorbike was born, high-performance air filter, this is better in terms of filtering power but despite this it manages to pass more air, thanks to the material with which it is built, it can be installed like the original and is washable, so even if it is more expensive, over time it will save money and the engine will benefit both in terms of reliability and performance. Finally, we offer a very particular kit, consisting of two performance air filters with the same characteristics mentioned for the performance air filter that is installed in the original airbox but these are supplied with two sleeves for external mounting from the air filter box, the Bonneville T120 will also be more aggressive aesthetically as well as having all the benefits mentioned and the engine will breathe fresh air since the filters will be external. In each product sheet, however, all the specifications of the air filters are described in greater detail and are complete with all the information of the article itself and complete with many images. Our Store is updated daily with new products to expand the possibility of customizing our customers' motorbikes, all products selected from the best on the market and produced by prestigious brands to guarantee a very high standard of quality. For any information you can contact us, we always respond as quickly as possible to any relevant email, to offer a complete service to our customers, both before and after sales.