Grips 22 mm - 7/8"

Sale Motorcycle grips for handlebars with diameter 22 mm - 7/8"

Category dedicated to grips for handlebars with a diameter of 22 mm = 7/8" inch, the same grips also used for handlebars with a variable section of 28-22 mm. We offer grips in various styles and colours, built with different materials, design unique ones that give the motorbike its style and finish. The grips are not just the anchoring point of the rider to the motorbike, a pair of grips that reflect the designs or color of the saddle for example or the color of the rims or bodywork, they change completely the appearance and character of the motorbike even though it is a small detail, furthermore, as already mentioned, the grips are the anchoring point of the rider to the motorbike and must be comfortable for traveling in safety and relaxation, for this reason we only offer grips designed and built by the best brands in the motorcycle accessories sector, true leaders in the sector who produce only quality motorcycle accessories, using the best technologies and materials. We offer smooth, knurled, diamond or striped knobs, in the widest range of colours, from the traditional black to grey, red, brown, burgundy, and many others, so that each customer can customize their motorcycle according to their stylistic tastes. Every day we add new products to our online catalogue, making the Bullymachine eCommerce increasingly spacious with products selected from the best on the market worldwide and to satisfy even the most demanding customer looking for a new product. For any questions you can contact us, our team will be available to respond to emails as quickly as possible, to provide a three hundred and sixty degree service.