BMW R NineT Headlight

Sale of compatible LED headlights for BMW R NineT family

The BMW R NineT series which includes the Roadster, Pure, Racer, Urban GS and Scrambler models are fitted as standard with headlights with incandescent bulbs as used in past years, this leads to poor visibility and a yellowish light beam, today thanks to LED technology the modern motorcycles and modern classics all have LED lighting systems, as well as increasing visibility and making the light white, they also have lower consumption and are much more durable over time than a light bulb. On the latest versions, BMW itself understood that an incandescent bulb was not a good thing and installed standard LED headlights (unfortunately not compatible with the old series). The BMW R NineT series and derivatives that are created with an incandescent lamp, however, do not digest all LED headlights due to the difference in absorption between the LED and the bulb. When the control unit has a lower absorption on the headlight wiring, it assumes that the bulb has burned out. and signals the fault on the dashboard, furthermore if the absorption is lower on the low beam so as not to leave you in the dark, the control unit automatically switches on the high beam. With our LED headlight models the problem does not arise because they absorb the right amount of voltage to remain within the range set in the control unit by the parent company. Our headlights have been tested for years now, we have been selling these models since 2014, and we offer 2 versions. The Angel Eye version with circular LED on the position light is a classic, while the Bubble version has a more aggressive appearance. These headlights are compatible with all Ninet family versions with standard incandescent headlights.

Each product on our eCommerce, including the LED lights, is accompanied by an extensive description with attached technical data sheet and compatibility between the models, many images, to show the products in the clearest way possible and facilitate both research and knowledge of all the its characteristics. For any questions you can contact us, we always respond as quickly as possible to all relevant emails