Sale of Motorcycle Grips

We have divided the grips for 22 millimeter (7/8" inch) and 25.4 millimeter (1" inch) handlebars to make it easier for you to find the grips you are looking for with the diameter of your motorcycle's handlebar. Generally, European motorbikes have 22mm handlebars or 28mm variable section handlebars which also feature 22mm grips because the section of these is 28mm only in the central connection to the handlebar supports, and then tapers to 22mm . American motorbikes, especially Custom ones, mostly have 25.4 mm handlebars, i.e. 1" inch. This diameter is also fitted as standard on some Triumphs and some Japanese Customs. Once you have identified the diameter you need, the clearance is done. The two subcategories of the knobs are accessible in the menu, inside you will find the knobs selected by diameter and therefore by compatibility, inside the product sheet there are all the features and images so that it is easy to understand all its features All the grips we offer are produced by the best accessory manufacturers in the world to guarantee an excellent aesthetic finish, driving comfort and durability over time, built with the best materials and technologies, we offer grips of various shapes and colours, in various materials and with diversified characteristics.For any information you can contact us, we will be happy to respond to all emails as soon as possible.