Buell XB12SS Long transmission

Sale of aftermarket special parts for the Buell XB12SS Long Transmission

Bullymachine offers, thanks to its decennial experience in the Buell field, a vast assortment of special parts for the transmission for the Buell XB12SS Long. We offer only selected accessories, designed and built with the utmost care and products tested before production and sale, products built only by companies specialized in the Buell field. Bullymachine follows these particularities because Buell has its own characteristics and those who produce thinking of building a part for a common motorbike often create problems, the Buell vibrates a lot and has a lot of torque and the structures are very stressed, for this reason we offer only accessories and components tested by years, we offer a high level of quality and we want every promise to be kept. Having been fond of this brand for years now, despite the Buell company having closed for many years now, we continue to always offer new accessories, the Bullymachine team updates its catalog daily to satisfy even the most demanding customer who is always looking for the latest news. We present each product at its best, making all its characteristics known through the technical data sheet and extensive description, price, compatibility, images, availability, the latter for discontinued motorcycles is often longer than the products normally marketed because the products are often built to order as there is no longer the sale of when the Buell brand still produced motorcycles but we always try to do it as soon as possible to satisfy even the veteran enthusiasts and owners of these fantastic motorcycles.

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