Sportster XR 1200

Sale of accessories for Harley Davidson Sportster XR 1200

The Harley Davidson Sportster XR 1200 is a motorcycle with a sporty character, a reinterpretation of the glorious Harley Davidson XR 700 in a modern key. When Harley Davidson came out on the market, it organized track races and it was possible to buy it already with the unregistered track kit and then, once the championship was over, to have the go-ahead to be able to circulate it on the road or it was possible to buy the road version. When it came out we immediately believed in its potential like most of the leading companies in the sector and we, like them, immediately started building specific kits and accessories. Unfortunately, however, not much was understood and sales did not take off, in fact it was on the market for a few years before the end of definitive production. In recent years, however, it seems that this bike has begun to arouse interest for many enthusiasts, perhaps it came out on the market at the wrong time.... However, we at Bullymachine have always believed in the potential of this bike, in fact we have continued to produce and sell many dedicated accessories and also market the components of other brands. On a daily basis we continue to add products for all the bikes we deal with, including this beautiful Sportster XR 1200.

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