Carbon Universal Motorcycle

Sale of Universal carbon fiber parts for Motorcycles

In this category we find carbon fiber accessories adaptable to any motorbike, produced by the Bullymachine Team with the best technologies and materials. For our carbon fiber accessories we use pre-peg carbon, i.e. carbon fiber already pre-impregnated with resin, this type of carbon has many benefits compared to fabric carbon, the first is that there can never be an excess of resin, this factor entails a series of benefits such as greater lightness, greater robustness, greater flexibility, greater rigidity, greater resistance and greater durability over time, furthermore, as there is always the right amount of resin they do not yellow as often happens with brush-made carbon fibre, but it doesn't end there, often by building a part with traditional carbon the texture can come undone, creating visual and structural imperfections. The construction of pre-made carbon fiber is undoubtedly better, but it requires many more laborious and expensive things in terms of machinery systems. Pre-peg carbon fiber is only sold in large quantities and has an expiry date, it must be stored in the refrigerator and for drying it must be cooked in an autoclave, clearly small companies that have little sales and few resources is something unthinkable, here because our products are better than most of those on the market in the automotive field. Once built, our products are then finished by hand one by one and oven-painted with UV-resistant paints, for a perfect and wonderful finish that accentuates the texture of the carbon fiber. For any information you can contact us, the Bullymachine Team will respond as quickly as possible to all relevant emails.