BMW R12 Bags and Racks

Sale of aftermarket bags and racks for BMW R12

Category dedicated to bags and roof racks to customize the BMW R12 according to your tastes and needs. Here it is possible to find the dedicated bag or rack and the universal compatible one, products that are stylistically beautiful and useful at the same time, accessories produced by the best brands in the sector using various types of materials to give the customer a vast choice of customization. Every day we add new products to our catalogue, increasingly expanding the possibility of choice but we select only the best products on the market to guarantee a very high level of quality. Furthermore, we present all the products in a transparent way, allowing them to acquire all their characteristics through an extensive description. product, technical data sheet indicating the compatibility between models, price, availability and many images, often also dedicated and illustrative videos, in order to show each product at 360 degrees.

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