Stemmi serbatoio BMW R Nine-T

Unique tank badges for BMW R NineT Family

Bullymachine offers a series of customized tank badges compatible with the entire BMW R NineT range, be it a Pure, Racer, Scrambler, Urban GS, Roadster, NineT/5, NineT 100th, Urban GS 40th, all the badges present will be perfectly compatible. These coats of arms are cut using a high precision laser cutting machine, subsequently, all the coats of arms are finished by hand by the skilled hands of Italian artisans, brushed one by one by hand and oven painted with UV resistant paint, finally they are always assembled by hand using rivets, furthermore for lovers of carbon fiber we also have the limited edition version, so called because initially we had only produced a small series but then given the great demand we decided to produce them again. We have different variants, from the Bad-Ass in total black, beautiful chromatic acceptance between glossy black and matt black, or the black versions - brushed or vice versa, to give the customer more possibilities of color choice, so that he satisfies his choices colors on your motorbike. Each emblem is sold in pairs and it is recommended to install them using 3M double-sided tape or similar, while to remove the OEM plastic ones with chrome effect it is recommended to heat them with a hairdryer and then lever up an edge with a plastic wedge or spatula or similar, we do not recommend using metal levers or spatulas to protect the paint of the tank, some also use a fishing line by sliding it behind the original emblem in order to detach the original double-sided adhesive.

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