Universal Auto Instrumentation

Universal car instrumentation for sale

We offer a wide range of instruments such as engine oil pressure gauges, engine oil temperature gauges, turbo pressure gauges, water temperature gauges, instruments for reading exhaust gases, multifunction instruments and much more, in various styles, for classic cars or technological cars, digital and analogue instruments, in various colours, furthermore our team works daily on the online catalogue, adding more and more products, to broaden the possibility of choice for customizing customers' cars. We show and offer each instrument and product, making every feature known by means of an extensive description, technical data sheet, price, availability, many images, everything to enable all data to be acquired and customers to be able to choose in complete confidence that they know what they are purchasing. Our products are of high quality, most are Italian products built with the best materials and technologies, with refined designs to make the customization of the car one of a kind. For any information you can contact us, our team always responds to every email as quickly as possible.