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BMW K75 K100 gas emulsion shock absorber


BMW K75 K100 gas emulsion shock absorber

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BMW K75 K100 gas emulsion shock absorber

center distance 350.00mm (13.77″)

Preload adjustment

Linear spring


ABE 9*1113*03 – ABE 91114

Compatible bikes:



BMWK 1009801983EUROPE66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 1009801984ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 757401984EUROPE55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 C7401985ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 1009801985ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 757401985EUROPE55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 C7401986ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 1009801986ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 757401986EUROPE55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 C7401987ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 757401987EUROPE55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 1009801987EUROPE66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 75 C7401988ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 757401988EUROPE55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 1009801988EUROPE66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 75 C7401989ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 1009801989EUROPE66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 75 C7401990ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 1009801990EUROPE66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 LT9801986ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 LT9801987ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 LT9801988ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 LT9801989ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 LT9801990ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 LT9801991ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RS9801983EUROPE66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RS9801984ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RS9801985ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RS9801986ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RS9801987ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RS9801988ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RS9801989ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RT9801984ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RT9801985ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RT9801986ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RT9801987ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 100 RT9801988ALL66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401989ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 100 RT9801989EUROPE66 KW(90 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401990ALL55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401991ALL37 KW(50 PS); 55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401992ALL37 KW(50 PS); 55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401993ALL37 KW(50 PS); 55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401994ALL37 KW(50 PS); 55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401995ALL37 KW(50 PS); 55 KW(75 PS)
BMWK 75 RT7401996ALL37 KW(50 PS); 55 KW(75 PS)



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Weight4 kg
Dimensions60 × 30 × 22 cm


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